Your home's Bathrooms speak a world about your family's personality. The bath areas of a home are undoubtably the most personal rooms in the home. It's where family members watch after their hygene, ready themselves for the day, and even retreat for a relaxing bath or shower. It is also where guest and external family frequent when visiting. SO, if you feel your current baths don't properly represent your or your family's personality, let us help you make a change that will really make a difference. Call us today to find out just how we can help you make your bath areas a cut above the rest. While you are thinking about it, take a look at some of our satisfied customer's remodeled bathrooms.

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A Cut Above Carpentry
Kitchens and baths
Sometimes you have to get rid of the
old to build something special.

Then the Process begins
to take shape.

Rebuild under way
Now we are beginning to
make some headway.
Finished Master Bath
Before you know it a beautiful creation
is ready to be enjoyed. - Isn't it marvelous!
What a nice accent for this Master Bath.

Add a Spacious corner shower and the Master Bathroom is complete.
Hall Bath
And, it just would not be fair to ignore the hall bath. So, we start with new tile.
Hall bath 2
Before you know it, a new charming bath is born.

Tile work detail
Here is a look at a tile work detail from the Hall Bath.

corner Shower
Talking about adding a corner shower, here is another example.
add fixtures
Picking the right fixtures for your shower can make all the difference.
Corner Shower floor tile
... and don't forget to think about floor traetmennts.
They can make a huge "splash."

Walk-in shower
Walk-in showers are great. Here is
one that shows attention to detail.

Shower fixture make a difference
Shower fixtures can mean the difference between WOW and ok.
Shower enclosures
The right enclosure for your shower
is worth giving some thought to.

Walk-in Shower finish
Showers can feel cramped. But with
the right enclosure it'll feel spacious.

Old Shower
Why settle for your old shower,
when you can enjoy a brand new one.

Out with the old
Out with the old - In with the new is what I say. - Plumbing, too.

Add some tile.
Add the right tile and you can really
make an impact.

plumbing fixtures
Don't forget the plumbing fixtures!
Walk-in Shower complete
Doesn't that look so much more inviting.

I mean really, ... Don't you think so.

Here is another old tub
in need of a new look.
Now doesn't new tile make a big difference?
Tile detail
Attention to detail dosen't hurt either.
Notice the tile accents.
shower floor
The floor gets a nice small tile
touch to finish off in style.
bath view
A bath remodel wouldn't be complete
without re-doing the whole room.
Bath floor
A new tilefloor, new vanity and new toilet
finished this remodle out very nice.

Just a note, - With all the choices out there,
Be creative and make your style shine.
vanity fair
Even small spaces can sparkle
with your own style.
Some homes just need one more Bath area.
And, we can certainly help with that.
Here is a look at the inside of the
addition to the right.
inside 2
And here is a deeper view. Nice, huh?
Linen Closet
This bath area's old linen closet
made the room feel small.

Shower bench
So, we removed it and made enough
room for a larger shower with a bench.

more room
Now dosen't that look more inviting.
more space
Yes, more room and a place to have a seat.

The small Tile Accents added some
needed charm as well.

This picture shows what an impact
the right tile selection can make.

This full view shows the full impact.
The small tiles really makes a nice accent, too.

There are a wide assortment of tiles
available for you to choose from.

The possibilities are virtually endless to make your style shine.
The choices of plumbing fixtures
is also quite extensive.

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