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We take pride in all the work we do. But, few projects offer us an
opportunity to make a difference beyond the building. This one did.

So, when the opportunity arose to work on this project, we were so excited and eager to start.
Follow our photo journal below and I'll walk you through a job that gave us the chance to give a little back.

Bath remodel
Here is Mount Gilead Baptist Church before the renovation began.
Church Members
One last look, as Members perform a ground breaking ceremony.
Start Demolition
And the demolition begins. Out with old and in with the new.

Almost done.
The walls and roof are demolished.
Now it's time for the jack hammers.

Man, this work will leave you shaking in your boots.
But, it all has to go to make room for the new addition.
drying in the structure
Well That was a good days work. We've got the old structure ready for the next days work and weather protection up.

Almost done.
And none too soon. Materials arrived and it's time to get down to the construction phase. Can't you smell that new wood.

Almost done.
OK, Here we've set our plumb lines and started to dig the holes for the support post.
The post are in. The cement is SOLID. And, we're well under
way with completing the foundation for the new addition.
Almost done.
Now for the framing. Here the walls are laid out and we're in
the process of siding the outside walls for drying-in the structure
Almost done.
What a view. Walls are up, Siding's up, ...
... now where's my ladder.
Almost done.
Before we can dry in the structure, this place needs a roof.
We'll be on ladders all day today.
You have to love it when a plan all comes together. It's starting
to take shape now. I think the members are going to be happy.

A Grand entry way
The roof design called for high ceilings to provide a grand entry space. I can't wait to see it completed. - OK, back to work.

Roof Decking
This addition will give the Church members a lot of extra room.
We've got the decking down, now to make sure no rain gets in.
Weather proofing
A little more weather proofing and we'll be ready to cover the roof.
Yep, it won't be long now.
Roof is ready and new material shows up.
Now the roof is ready for the metal. That's good because more material just showed up for the interior.
That's a good looking roof.
Now that's a good looking roof. Lets see where the crew is at on the sheet rock.

interior is ready for sheet rock.
Yep, we're ready for sheet rock. You can really tell how the decision for high ceilings will to make a huge difference here.

sheet rock goes up.
Here we've got the insulation in and the sheet rock is going up nicely. The insulation will also make for great sound proofing.
Roof is ready and new material shows up.
I've got to hand it to them. these guys work fast and do great
work. This is a shot of the two bathrooms and large storage room.

sheet rock and lighting are in.

Sheet rock is up. (Check) Lighting is in and works. (Check)
Now lets check on the tile floor.

Tile is almost complete

The tile is well under way and the tile selection is going to look great. It almost has a stone look to it. Nice.

Roof is ready and new material shows up.
Things are really moving along fast. The tile is down, the walls are painted and the bathroom fixtures are in. Notice the tarp?
I'll get to that in a minute.

the music room opening
Now it's time to install the doors and finish up the music room.
The addition of the music room will be a welcome feature here.

Alook at the bathrooms.
We've got the doors hung to the side rooms and, ...
aren't those some spacious bathrooms.

Roof is ready and new material shows up.

Here is the large storage room with the heater for the Bathrooms

Added accent.
OK, remember the tarp in the middle of the floor. As a surprise
the church members we installed this cross in the foyer area.
A beautiful reminder.
Now when congregation members and visitors enter, the first
thing they see is this cross as a reminder of their Savior.

They Loved it.
The cross made a subtle,
beautiful accent to the foyer.

Foyer lighting
And the lighting in the foyer turned out to
be just right for the room.
The Exterior work
While we worked on the interior the rest of the crew was working on the exterior.

Roof is ready and new material shows up.
The siding was going up nicely. it matched perfectly with
the older structures siding.

closing in the crawl space
We used cinder block to close in the crawl space under the new addition. solid construction and it will help keep critters out.
finishing the siding.
Here we're finishing up the siding and that signals that we are almost finished with the project.
At Projects end.
Complete! If you notice the block glass windows are where we got the idea for the cross in the foyer. It helped tie everything together.

Another satisfied customer.
And, here is the pastor and his wife in front of their new addition. They were delighted and surprised we finished in the time we did.


This project was a joy to to work on and be a part of. The church members are fantastic people.
They loved the completed addition. And, they were amazed that we were able to complete
the project in just 21 actual working days - from start to completion.

So, here is my heart felt Thank You to all the members of
Mount Gilead Baptist Church.
God bless you all. • P.O. Box 10377 • Dothan, AL 36304 • (334)618-6616