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remodeling projects
Remodeling projects


Featured here is a current project we are in the process of completing.

Just as an overview, we were tasked to demolition two bathrooms and a closet to create one large,
Master Bathroom and we had to prepare the Master Bedroom and it's closet for a complete renovation.
Below is a pictoral tour of the project as it has progressed.

Bath remodel
This is an image of one of the baths before demolition began. The door in this image will be converted into a new "Block" window.
old bathroom remodel project
This is a picture of the second bathroom to be demolitioned before the project began.
remodeled bath after
This image is of the adjacent closet designated to be demolitioned and it's space included in the new Master Bath layout.

remodeled hall bath
This picture is a view from the hallway showing the two doors going to the two baths to be demolitioned.

Outside door
This door is the outside view of the door in the first picture that will be converted to a "Block" window. We built the window into the existing wall so that it will blend in with the existing exterior style.

Outside view
This is a view of the side of the house with the door and windows. the window on the left will be turned into an access door to the Master Bedroom.

And the demolition begins! We removed the wall between the two baths and the wall between the closet. In this picture you can see the plumbing for both the bathrooms exposed and the wall between the closet is now open.
Bedroom view
This picture shows a view (during demolition) looking into both baths through the closet opening. It looks a mess right now, but the finished results are amazing.
This shows where we removed the old floor and got it preped for installation of the new floor. This remodle was designed to be a complete refurbishing project for the Master Bath.

OK, I think you have an idea of the scope of
this portion of the project. Now on to the rebuilding of the Master Bath!

We had to have something to walk on, so we started from the ground-up.

For a good sturdy floor, we installed two layers of 3/4" plywood. This floor isn't going anywhere. Solid as a rock. (Notice we removed the ceiling along with the floors and walls during demolition.)

Now before we could go any farther, we had to get the new
jacuzzi inside the house.

New Lights
Alright, the floors are complete. Now we needed new recessed lighting. Not only will it help us see, it'll look great in the finished Master Bathroom. Paul is inspecting the lighting - Attention to detail! (Notice we have closed in the door on the right?)
New window build
This is a view of the door from the utside. Remember I said we were going to install a "Block" window? This is the beginning of that process.
Another view
This shows the re-build of the wall, so that it will blend in with the exterior siding.
New window build
Once the new wood is painted, no one will be able to tell that it was added. A perfect blend to the old siding.
Sheet Rock
Now its time to start putting up the moisture resistant sheet rock.
(It is always fun working over your head.)
Sheet Rock
Now that all the sheet rock is in place we just need to apply the mud, sand and paint. The project is finally starting to take shape.
Sheet Rock
Ok, the sheet rock is in, plumbing and lights are in place.
Now its time for to give some attention to the floor.
The owner chose a beautiful natural, slate looking tile for the bath and we carried this treatment over to the Master Bedroom as well.
(But that's for a latter depiction.)
Her choice was a good one. This floor will make a
beautiful accent to the bath, once finished.
New Paint
Here we've already groutted the floor and are applying the
first coat of paint. The light color of the paint really helps give
a sence of spaciousness to the already large Master Bath.
Perfect timing! The new bathroom fixtures have arived!
Reading Instructions
Hey! Eddie, what are you ...? Ok, this just shows that
we DO read instructions. This is looking into the
Master Bath from the Master Bedroom.
Building Sauna
The vanity is in place and it's time to ready the jacuzzi
and construct the new sauna.
The sauna is complete and it is time to install the jacuzzi.
( "Jacuzzi", ... Isn't that just a fun word to say ... "Jacuzzi")
Ok, on with the tour.
Alternate view
First we need to align the plumbing and the electrical for the jacuzzi and then install the enclosure, lighting and doors.
Finish jacuzzi
This jacuzzi was quite elaborate. It had all the bells and whistles.
A wonderful addition to this project and one that i am sure
the owner will enjoy for years to come.
Finish jacuzzi
Here we are checking to make sure that everything is working properly before the final installation. Looks like everything is ready.
Finish Master Bath
Wala! Another project complete. And this one really turned
out nice. Spacious, all the amenities, and beautiful to look at.
What more could you ask for?
Finish Master Bath
One more final check, ... Everything is a GO! Lights, cieling fan, plumbing, electrical and accessories - this beauty is ready to enjoy.

This was a fun project and it turned out fantastic! The owner was ecstatic, ... now she's able to enjoy her own private sauna and jacuzzi whenever she feels the need to pamper herself. What a great way to end or begin a day.


Now let's take a look at the master bedroom, ... What a difference!

The Master Bedroom didn't need a complete tear-down in demolition. So, we were able to get started fairly quick with just a little bit of prep work. Let's take a look.

This is the Master Bedrom before we began. (Notice the high
cielings.) This room is going to look fabulous when it is done.

the window view
Here is another view of the Master Bedroom prior to demolition.
Another view
And, finally the rest of the Master Bedroom. All the old paneling and cieling slats will go and we'll be putting in a new tiled floor to match the Master Bathroom.

This image is of the old laundry room. We'll be incorporating
this area to create a spacious wlak-in closet. After all a Master
Bedroom without a walk-in closet - just needs a walk-in closet.
demolition begins
The laundry room was located in the hall so the first thing we
need to do is create an access point to the new closet.
So, let the demolition begin and lets get it prepped.
measured and ready
Here, we have measured and cut the old studs to allow us to frame
up the new door. (I make it sound easy, don't I?) So, lets begin.
Ok, now it's beginning to look like a doorway.
The only problem is that there's wood blocking the way.

Instant door
Hey, we have access! Now lets get started with some real work.

Sub floor
To lay tile we needed to level up the floor and install a hard plank
for the tile to rest on. This will make sure there will not be any
cracked tiles after we leave.
Alright, that's a good start. Now we'll start
preparing the walls for new sheetrock.
That's right all this old paneling needs to go. That and the old
planks covering the cieling.
Removing the cieling
Once we get this stuff out of our way we can begin the re-build
for the Master Bedroom and it's walk-in closet.

Much better. We're almost ready for sheet rock.

Boy! These seem like really high cielings. The sheet rock will
make this room look so much more updated.

Moving on to the walls now. It's starting to take shape now.
We'll get this up and mud the walls then it will be time for some
fresh paint.

Sheet rock in and mudded! Yippee!

The whole room is ready

And, so is the closet.

Now for some paint and this room will look a whole lot better.

Painting done
There is the first coat of paint and the room already looks better.

Alright, the walls are done and the hard plank is down. Now it's
time to lay some tile. What a difference this will make.

Just a few mor to go. Then we'll let it set over night
and begin grouting in the morning.
All done. Yep, this is going to look great and it mached perfectly
with the bathroom tile. I love it when a plan comes together.

It's a brand new mornign and we are well under way. We'll et this
grout down and then it's just a matter of clean up.

Mopping up
I think I'll be here for a while.
Me and the broom doning the "Tango."
Yes and it was all worht it. Aint it beautiful!
HAnging the fans
Now we'll hang the cieling fans and we're just about done.


finishing touch
Just see for yourself. This remodeling project turned out to be just
what the owner wanted. Having a calculated plan before each
project really makes all the difference.

view from the bath
Here is a view from the Master Bath. The blue walls are
light shining from the jacuzzi's light system.

Here is the happy owner showing off all her new space in the closet.
Now, that is a happy smile.
Hope you enjoyed our little tour as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you for your review.

Check back to see our next project.

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