Your home's kitchen is a place where the family spends a lot of quality time. It's a place of gathering on the Holidays, a place where the family gets together every day to enjoy meals, make a snacks, and enjoy each others company. So why not turn it into a major focus room of your home with style. We can help you do just that. So, give us a call and let us show you the difference between a regular kitchen, ... and your Dream Kitchen.

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A Cut Above Carpentry
Kitchens and baths

Here we had the tile laid down and
were ready to install the cabinets.

New Kitchen
There is just nothing like a new kitchen
to change a home's feel.
new grand room view
This kitchen/grandroom remodel gave a huge
change to this home. - Ready to entertain guest.
Counter tops
Or just new counter tops can really
make a difference in a kitchen.

Kitchen Island
Here is another kitche with a whole new
look. See those granite counters shine?

better view
The hanging oven vent and light
system added a really nice touch.

Ready for a change
Adding an island in a kitchen gives you
more counter space and storage.
new counters
The combination of new counter tops and
new tile really brought life to this old kitchen.
Selecting the right lighting system for
your remodel can literally make a kitchen.
If upgrading your kitchen is a bit more
than the budget will alow, think floors.
Installing a new hardwood or tile floor can
make a huge difference in your kitchen.
new floor
just look at how this new tile floor
dresses up this kitchen.
floor and cabinets
This kitchen got a new tile floor, painted
cabinets, new cabinet hardware and countertops.

Just look at what new cabinets and
counter tops did for this kitchen!


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