Is it time to bring some life to that old tiered kitchen?
Let us help you make it the kitchen of your dreams!

Take a look at how this kitchen really took on a lively feel. Why not give your master Chef a place to go wild in.

Before picture 1
This is the kitchen before we started

Before picture 2
Here is another view
And another
And another

Here is another view of the old kitchen.
Time to Demo
Time for Demolition. Tear it OUT!
From the cieling to the floor
From the ceiling to the floor
The open den design
Every kitchen needs a view and we've opened this one up to the den.

It looks a mess. But, it's going to look great when we're done.
The cieling demo
Yep, The ceiling is getting a new face, too.

New insulation and we're ready to begin.
Trash removal
Here's the first load of trash removal. it just wouldn't do to leave all this in the yard.
New Sheetrock!
New sheetrock-Yeah, it's starting to shape up.

Here you can see the new front door we installed. It's a huge
improvement over the old door avove-don't you think?

Now that the sheetrock is up, it's time to address the floor with some new tile.

This home owner is going to love the new floor's look.
Back to the kitchen
Back to the kitchen and install the new shelves.
The lighting is in. Cabinets are under way. Now lets install the new exhaust unit.
Appliance installation
These days no kitchen is complete until the microwave is in place.
That and all the rest of the new appliances.
another look
Everything is coming along great and it's beginning to look nice.

Now for the finishing touches. New paint, new ...

Looking out into the new den, the new kitchen feels much larger. Well it is larger. But it feels huge!
Looking back at the kitchen
Looking back at the kitchen we're greeted by a welcoming breakfast bar.
Here you get a good view of the kitchen counters and the island range top.
What a difference
What a difference the new additions make to this home.

Where there once was a cramped old kitchen, we now are treated to open spaces and a marvelous fresh, modern look.

Close up of counters
Here is a close-up of the counter's textured tops.
Time to go
We came to this customers home, demolitioned the old and replaced it with a sparkling new kitchen and den. We made new friends and now we leave them to enjoy their new living space. And by the way, ... hat new front door really makes this home look inviting, doesn't it.

The next time you are in your Kitchen, just think about all the possibilities
it has. The give us a call, ...
We can make your kitchen dreams become a reality!


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