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Remodeling projects


Planning A Remodeling Project?
We have the Experience and Know-how to make it a success!

Utilizing over 28 years of experience and proven customer satisfaction, we can make your dream remodeling project a stunning reality!
The following images were taken from a recent Homeowners complete remodel of her home. Each room in the home was given special attention to detail,
resulting in a miraculous transformation of the property. All the walls, windows and doors were refurbished or replaced to update the home.

kitchen remodel
The floors in this kitchen were updated with ceramic tile. The
cabinets were modified and refinished with accented counter tops to finish them out for a great new look. Add new appliances, a great chef and you have a charming whole new kitchen to love.
old bathroom remodel project
This is a picture of the Master Bath before the remodeling project began. The Homeowner wanted more space with a clean, updated feel.
remodeled bath after
Featured here is an image of the remodeled Master Bath after the project was complete. The wall enclosing the shower was removed to open the area up giving the bathroom a spacious feel. New fixtures and a new toilet were added along with a new tiled floor.

remodeled hall bath
This picture shows the second bath with a complete remodeling. The floor received gorgeous, new tile. The sink cabinet was replaced including a new cabinet top. Light fixtures and the bathroom vent system were updated. Even the existing shower/bath was re-glazed to give this bathroom a brand new, sparkling feel.

before floor
The floors in this home were old, worn And covered with old carpet. Luckily, the floors underneath were old, real hardwood floors. So the decision was made to refinish the floors rather than cover them with carpet. This proved to be an excellent decision as you will see in the next few images.

remodeled hall
Here is the hall after the floors were refinished and refurbished vents were installed over the air conditioning intake. The hall had received a fresh coat of paint, new doors and door fixtures were added to all the doors and built-in cabinets. Now, you have to admit, that is an inviting hallway!

Den area remodel
In addition to refinishing the floors, new windows were added to the old foggy windows - creating a fresh clean look. And, the whole house received a new coat of paint. Don't the floors add a great feel.
Bedroom view
The bedrooms were brought to life with the beautiful refurbished floors, newly painted walls, refitted windows and new doors. We even renewed the closet doors and put new hardware on all doors.
additional view of den
Here is another view of the den area. You can really see the difference new windows can make to let the natural light in. And the refinished floors add luster to the living space. Attention to detail can make all the difference.

Give us a call when you have your next remodeling project in mind.
We'll' be happy to help you make it a spectacular success!

Until Then, Here Is Another Remodel Project To Review

old counters
This home got a new kitchen floor and eventually New Counter tops.

office in Kitchen
This image shows the new tile with the old counter tops.

New Counter tops
Here is a picture showing the new tile and the new counter tops/


Another view
Another angle of the new counters and tile.

This same homeowner decided to have a new metal roof installed.

And we installed a new gable over the home's entry stair case to accent the home's appearance. Looks great, dosen't it.?
Homes new roof
And, here's the home with it's new roof. It really made a
difference in the home's appearance.
Alternate view
Here's a view from the other side.

It's amazing what
a little attention
to detail can do for
a home. Any Ideas for
your next project? • P.O.Box 10377 • Dothan, AL 36304 • (334)618-6616